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Dhruvi Gohil

My personal story

Life, Faith, Confidence

I am Dhruvi from Gujarat, India, a Bachelor's student majoring in Microbiology. Since I was a young child, I have always been interested in books. I wrote frequently for the magazine while I was in school. My two greatest loves in life have always been reading and writing. I now have a new platform thanks to blogging where I can pursue my passion for writing and knowledge sharing.

As a blogger, I write on a variety of topics, including the cosmos, my personal life blogs, science, and travel. Being an Indian, I have a lot to say about our rich culture. Due to my travels around India, I have a wealth of information and memories to share. My father's interest in travel is something I have inherited. Traveling has always piqued my attention because it allows me to see other cultures, learn about the world, taste new foods, and gain life lessons.

I write on biology and other science-based topics as a microbiology student. I have always been profoundly curious by the black abyss, which inspired me to write about the universe and its secrets. I enjoy reviewing books because I'm a bookworm. Up to now, I have reviewed both Indian and foreign authors. I have always used blogging as a means to explore the world, relieve my head, and record facts in a disciplined way. My parents and friends have been a constant support for blogging. As I analyse what I'm doing, I think eventually, I am making headway towards uncovering the "deep me" in the process.

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